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Bullet Journal Printable: Recipe Header

When writing out my latest recipe for keema curry, I decided to get a little fancy with the header. Also, luckily, I remembered to snap a picture of it before I added in all of the text to turn it into a printable just for you guys!


Click for the full image, or click here

Feel free to use this for your own bullet journal recipe pages! It’s a high-resolution transparent .png file, ready to be printed and hand colored and labeled by you!


Here’s my example for my keema curry recipe that I did in my bullet journal. You can see it, and get the full image of instructions to print for yourself, here at this post (link shortly).



If you use this, share some photos, I’d love to see! Or, can you think of anything else to do with this? Share any ideas you have!

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Keema Curry

keema_currySo yesterday, I made some amazing keema curry.

I try to always have some sort of “pot” food on hand at any given time, something that I can make in a large quantity that we can eat for a couple of meals. I rotate between things like chicken soup, chili, chicken a la king, Japanese curry, chicken and wild rice, those sort of things. This way, I can always have dinner on hand, and in the end, it’s a lot cheaper than making individual dinners – most of these cost about $2 a serving, and Chris and I can eat them for 2-4 meals, which is a great deal when you’re really don’t have much money to spend. “Shoestring” doesn’t even begin to describe how we’ve had to be lately, but at least we can eat well when I cook.

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Full of BEES!

This week’s layout is FULL OF BEES!

Bullet Journal - Week 6 Full Page Layout
Sorry about the coloring on this one, it looked fine on my iPhone :O

I found this really cute tape at Seria, a ¥100 store here in Japan where I find the majority of my tapes. I couldn’t resist it, I mean, come on – bees!

Bullet Journal - Week 6 Bees

may have a small problem with my ever-expanding tape collection.

So I decided to do a hex layout to match the honeycomb on the tape.

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Bullet Journal Printable: February Cover Page

The other day, I saw a really cute idea for doing monthly cover pages, which is something I might start doing now. It’s a nice chance to get to do some artwork by hand, and I’ll take any excuse to do that.

So, I made myself a monthly cover for February coming up, with those iconic candies that taste terrible but are still associated with Valentine’s Day for some unknown reason.

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Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight


なな ころび や おき
nana korobi ya oki

Sometimes, you find something that really resonates. This was mine this week, and I needed the reminder.fall seven.png

Literally, it says “7 times falling, 8 time standing up,” but the meaning is the same.

I have been falling a lot lately. My brain isn’t in a good spot, and neither is my thyroid. My doctors can’t figure out what the fault is – is it my depressing going crazy, or is my thyroid overreacting? The one interacts with the other, and they are all making everything worse. When one starts to do better, the other jumps in to pull me back down.

While I find “inspirational quotes” kind of really annoying, I’m giving it a try with the bullet journal. Maybe it will be a good way to worm positivist into my brain, who knows.

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Nifty Find: 3mm LEAF

IMG_5959When I started my 2018 bullet journal in a binder, I was unsure if I would like it, as opposed to a more traditional notebook or journal. However, the ability to change out the type of paper I needed (grid vs lined vs blank) sold me over. I did need heavier paper than I started out with, though, since the stuff you get at a ¥100 shop here bled when I used markers, which led me to Tokyu Hands.

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