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Japanese flower card styled illustrations

This weekend has been full of illustrations. I’ve been trying a new style with really limited color sets, just trying to keep it to a few colors and their tints and shades. First I started with kitsune at an Inari shrine.

This one was so tricky, because making the kitsune faces not look too cartoony was difficult. This originally started as a lighting study on the shrine part, with simulating chalk pastels. If I finish that one, I’ll post it. I’m pretty proud of it, because I’ve never had actual classical training in traditional arts with lighting and the like, so I’ve had to teach myself what I can.

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Inspired by Japan

You know, I have like 8 drafts written (either here or in my head) but I just haven’t gotten a chance to post, so tonight, I’m making a point of it!

I have been drawing so much lately. I’m averaging one new, full illustration in a day and a half! It’s really insane, I think. I am still amazing myself that I have t run out of inspiration (and I have like 20 more teacup cats to do, too!)

The other night, I decided to draw some simple Japanese graphics, and they’re taking over. I should be finishing my flash cards and getting onto worksheets, but alas, the inspiration fairy won’t let me.

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5e D&D

5e D&D Class: Astrologian (based on FF14 job)

So I have been getting a game together (finally!) and have just started working out the kinks. In addition to being the DM, I decided, “what the heck, lets make my favorite MMO job into a D&D class too!”

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Bullet Journal Printable: Banner

I have been sketching out fancy banners just for fun recently, but I had forgotten this style until I was looking through last year’s bullet journal and came across the keema curry page. Since I make that recipe so regularly, I figured I would migrate it into this year’s journal to have on hand.

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Bullet Journal Printable: Bookcases

I love looking back at a bullet journal at the end of the year, and seeing all those things I kept track of and did throughout the year. One I started towards the end of 2018 was books I had read.

This year, I made something similar, and decided to get my art on and vector it to make a printable for anyone interested.

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Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal: Books I Want to Read

As usual, with a new year is a new bullet journal. And I’ve been making pages like crazy. I’m also trying a new format, but I’ll write more about that later when I have the energy.

Last night, though, I felt like drawing a bit. Nothing major – the shaking has returned a bit, but only sporadically, so that’s nice.

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