6 Year Japaniversary

capture2.png6 years ago, as I’m writing this now, we were meeting our friend, Kevin, at Fukuoka International Airport, loading up luggage, and setting off driving across the northern part of Kyushu.

How did we get to this point, and how have we stayed for so long is a mystery to me.

A random facebook post about looking for teachers by Kevin, someone we had known from conventions a long time ago (codename: Vinnk), interested my husband. He was a teacher in the US, but only a part-time hire, and it sounded fun to him. Why not move to the other side of the world for 18 months?

It was only supposed to be 18 months!

This is a running theme with foreigners here, I think.

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Beading Patterns

I have so many beading patterns made, it’s not even funny. I just pulled out my bento box  (a kind of Japanese lunch box) that is full of stuff I’ve made over the years, and it is crammed full.

CaptureI had this intention, years ago, of putting together a book of beading designs based on Japan.

That was before my brain finally gave out on me, though. And this folder on my laptop seriously sits there, mocking me.

This is only about 1/4 of the designs I have made, most of them I haven’t gotten to digitize. They’re everything from bracelets, to charms, to 3D pieces a lot like that sakura I made a pattern for a long time ago.

Seriously. Look at all of these:

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Warhammer 40k: Painting #1

60010699012_killteam16Welp. We finally splurged and did it. We ordered a new box set for Warhammer 40k, a miniature game we’ve been wanting to get into for a long time now.

Which means my house is a disaster full of pots of paint and it smells like paint thinner and epoxy.

I’m excited, though. It’s an interesting game the way it’s set up, a little different from traditional Warhammer 40k. It’s a smaller board, more back and forth, and, most importantly, we don’t have to invest in a billion guys just to play it. Which, once you look at the price tags for some sets, you realize is a huge boon.

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Pins and Needles

I think it’s time I go talk to a doctor about being bi-polar. I didn’t want to admit that that may be a possibility, one more added on top of a pile of other brain problems, but I’m starting to think it may be serious.548913919-655076

I go through these phases of doing nothing, just no ability to do anything, barely maintaining myself. Then, I fly into a frenzy, all these ideas popping into my head that I just have to try and then I get angry with myself when I just can’t do them for one reason or another.

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Swimming at the Waterwheel in Honjo

img_7239This weekend, we actually got out and did something! During the week, Yellie took me to the restaurant at the giant water wheel in Honjo, about a half hour west of Saiki station. I was absolutely blown away by their hand-made soba, including a tea soba made from a type of local green tea. Since it was summer, we had the cold soba, and I knew I had to drag Chris back that weekend for lunch and (hopefully) swimming.

The restaurant, Nanohana Teahouse, is all hand-made noodles, and it shows. The taste is so different from what you get in the store. I’ve never been a “must go out of my way to eat soba” fan, but this one changed that. Continue reading “Swimming at the Waterwheel in Honjo”


Palpable Relief

IMG_6664.jpgSo, last time I wrote something, I wrote about how my shaking tremors were getting so bad that I was in constant pain.

Well, I was finally able to talk to my doctor about it more, and since I was responding well enough to the other medicine, and I don’t have a history of asthma or the like, he could prescribe me something more for the shaking.

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